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Signature Sponsor | Fresh Focus Media

The CRRA is proud to introduce our Annual Award Gala Signature Partner, Fresh Focus Media. Read on to learn more about this innovative company and all of their offerings.

In today’s age, you need to make sure your business is properly represented digitally, as it isn’t enough to just tell people or hand them a brochure and expect them to read it or go to your business and purchase your products and/or services. 92% of all customers today will first find your business via the Internet or through social media. This means you need to ensure they are first able to find your business on the Internet and you are using the proper wording to ensure the right customers are being directed to your website or social mediums. If you are using words that do not make sense for your business, you will be missing out on potential customers because they are not able to find the products or services they were searching for. You need to make sure that what you say, your social mediums and your website all align with how you sell your products and /or services. If your ads, website and social mediums have a lot of words and do not portray what it is you are selling, or are very long-winded, you are going to quickly lose customer interest and the potential for a sale.

Marketing is the lifeforce of every business, and at Fresh Focus Media we know firsthand how complex the marketing industry has become. There are many pieces of marketing that need to come together to make sure your message is the same every time, and that they are all pointing leads to where you would like them to go. How you tell your story matters. There are three key factors that you need to be cognizant of when telling your story; strategy, impact and positioning. If your business is aligned with these key factors, you have everything you need to be sure you have a strong brand and brand recognition. As one of the key portions of marketing, there is real science behind using Search Engine Optimization properly and ensuring your brand matches your business to get the right customers for your business. You need to understand and believe in brand power. Brand and customer loyalty doesn’t mean what it used to, now you need to be different, stand out and make an impression to make sure your offerings stand out from the crowd.

That is why at Fresh Focus Media we work closely with you to ensure we understand how you sell to your customers, what your products an/or services are and what type of customers you are looking for, to ensure potential customers directed your way will translate into a sale. Our goal is to properly promote your business to ensure you are getting the sales you’re looking for.