Meet Ozzy the Communi-Canine!

Hello! I’m Ozzy, and I’m in charge of the CRRA’s communications. That’s everything from emails to social media.

I’m a Sheepadoodle, and a natural at herding people together and keeping them in the loop. The CRRA heard you and brought me in to regulate the outgoing information to you and the whole CRRA Membership.

I’m very sociable, and I love long walks, hide’n seek, fetch, and plenty of milkbones. I have a keen eye for shoes, but I never chew them.

So, when you see, just know it’s your loyal information companion and I will work hard to keep you in the know without pestering you!

What You Can Expect In 2022

Beginning in January 2022, the CRRA will implement the following changes to its Communication Policy. Here’s what you will see:

  1. Emails will be sent to members on Wednesdays.
  2. These emails will contain information for members that pertain to that month, such as: upcoming Seminars & Luncheons, courses, our major events, industry updates, and hot topics.
  3. Please note that you will be receiving these emails from Don’t forget to add Ozzy to your safe senders list!
  4. The only exception to these Wednesday emails will be on the rare occasion that information is received and deemed to be of an urgent nature to members.