New Communication Standards for the CRRA!

The Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA) Communication Standards


The Calgary Residential Rental Association (CRRA) communicates with individuals for a wide variety of reasons, which include, but are not limited to:


  • Renewing memberships
  • Responding to membership enquiries
  • Selling memberships 


  • Sharing information about upcoming events, including but not limited to registration information
  • Sharing information about sponsorship opportunities for events


  • Sharing information about advertising opportunities for the CRRA magazine and website.


  • Sharing information about upcoming courses, including registration information 


  • Soliciting articles or other content for the CRRA magazine

General Information of Interest

  • Sharing information that the CRRA believes is of interest to individuals

How Does the CRRA Communicate

The CRRA uses several different means of communicating with individuals that include, but are not limited to:


  • Emails will be sent to individuals on Wednesday of each week. These emails will come from Ozzy is the CRRA Communi-Canine and individuals should add Ozzy’s email to their safe sender list so the CRRA’s communication is delivered to their inbox (not their Spam or Junk folders).
  • The Wednesday emails will contain information that pertain to such things as: upcoming seminars and luncheons, courses, major events, industry updates, and hot topics, or as otherwise stated the General section above in this document.
  • The only exception to these Wednesday emails will be on the rare occasion that information is received by the CRRA and is deemed to be of an urgent nature.
  • This does not preclude CRRA staff members from contacting individuals personally by email at any time relating to CRRA business.

Unsubscribing from CRRA Emails

  • An individual may unsubscribe from CRRA emails at any time. BUT, an individual who unsubscribes from any CRRA email will be removed from the entire CRRA email list and no further email communication will be sent to the individual.
  • An individual who unsubscribes from CRRA email communication and wishes to continue to receive emails from the CRRA must notify the CRRA office in writing.


  • Telephone calling is used primarily to communicate with individuals regarding membership, advertising, sponsorship opportunities, major events, seminars and luncheons, courses, or as otherwise stated the General section above.
  • Any individual who no longer wishes to receive telephone calls from the CRRA should let the CRRA caller know and the individual will be removed from the telephone list.
  • The CRRA receives many phone calls from individuals requesting information or some other form of assistance. In some cases a voice message is left and a CRRA staff member will respond by calling the individual who left the message. 


  • The CRRA has many in-person interactions with individuals. Some of this is in relation to information sharing, requests for assistance, or information that is stated in the General section above in this document.