Lease Agreement Form

Lease Agreement Form Residential Tenancy Agreement Terms

Periodic Tenancy

A periodic tenancy means that there is no end date included in the residential tenancy agreement. The tenant can continue to live in the property until either the tenant or landlord gives notice to end the tenancy. There are different kinds of periodic tenancies, including monthly periodic tenancies (where the tenant agrees to rent month-to-month and pay rent on a monthly basis) and weekly periodic tenancies (where the tenant agrees to rent week-to-week and pay rent on weekly basis).

Fixed Term Lease

A fixed term lease means that the tenant agrees to rent the premises for a fixed length of time. There is an end date written in the lease. For example, a tenant agrees to rent a property for six months. At the end of the agreed time, it is assumed that the tenant will move out and no longer live there. Neither a tenant nor a landlord can end a fixed term lease early unless the other party agrees.

Additional Information a Lease should included: 

  • Names of all the people who are living in the rental unit (i.e. apartment, house, basement suite).
  • Name and contact information of the landlord.
  • Address of the place being rented.
  • Amount of rent, when it is due, how it is to be paid, and to whom.
  • Date the tenancy is to start and the kind of lease (periodic or fixed term).
  • Amount of the security deposit.
  • Any additional fees (late rent fee, pet fee, key fee, etc.)
  • What utilities are included and what are not.
  • Responsibility for maintenance and repairs.
  • If there is a yard, who is responsible for maintaining it (for example, cutting grass, shoveling snow, etc.)
  • Rules regarding subletting or assigning the lease.
  • Insurance requirements.

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