Did You Know? Residential Tenancies Act & Security Deposits

Did You Know? Residential Tenancies Act & Security Deposits

The rental market is changing, and with that, increasing the rent may be a route you need to take as a landlord.

Even if there is no cap to the amount a landlord can raise the rent, landlords are encouraged to be reasonable when doing so. There are strict and important rules outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta about how and when a rental increase can be done. Do you know the rules?

Fixed-Term Tenancies

The rent cannot be increased during a fixed-term tenancy. The rent can be increased if the following criteria are met:

upon a new lease being signed when […]

The Q2 Alberta Rental Review is Here!

The Q2 Alberta Rental Review is Here!

The latest issue of the Alberta Rental Review is now available from the CRRA!

The CRRA is pleased to announce and release this year’s Q2 Alberta Rental Review Magazine. Continuing forward as a leader and resource for Landlords in Alberta, we trust you’ll enjoy the all new look and feel of this issue.

Click the link below to access this year’s Q2 issue in digital FlipBook format. Using the tools below the FlipBook Magazine, you can enjoy your digital copy or download a PDF version at your convenience.

We look forward to continuing to serve Landlords in […]

Did you know? Changes to the RTA about Security Deposits

Did you know? Changes to the RTA about Security Deposits

The Alberta Government recently passed legislation that amends the Residential Tenancies Act and provides greater flexibility to landlords when returning security deposits to tenants.

Section 46(1)(a) was repealed, and the following (in red font) was substituted in its place:

(a) “deliver” means

(i) deliver by personal service,

(ii) send by regular mail or registered mail, or

(iii) deliver in any other manner agreed to in writing by the landlord and tenant;

The landlord and tenant can now agree, in writing, how the security deposit is to be returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy.

This is […]

CRRA NEWS: Fall Events!

CRRA NEWS: Fall Events!

Firstly, the CRRA Staff & Board of Directors want to thank each and every member for their continued support during this trying time. Your participation in the CRRA helps us strengthen this community so that your association can weather these storms. Thank you!

Along with much of Alberta, the CRRA was excited with the government’s announcement that things will begin to return to normal soon, if case numbers continue trending downward.

With this news, the CRRA is happy to announce that our major events are tentatively planned to take place in person for Fall 2021 as follows:

September 8th, 2021 – the CRRA’s Golf Extravaganza at […]

New Rent Support for Albertans Between Jobs

New Rent Support for Albertans Between Jobs

Attention:    CRRA Members

The Alberta Government made the following announcement yesterday launching a new program to help tenants with their rent. The program will be administered in Calgary by the Calgary Housing Company. Their contact information is Phone: 587-390-1200; Website:  http://www.calgaryhousingcompany.org/.

The following website Affordable housing programs | Alberta.ca provides more information about this new temporary program as well as the other rent subsidy programs. It also provides a link to the organizations throughout the province that will administer this temporary program.  

Landlords can share this with tenants who meet the criteria so they can receive the assistance they need to help […]