2024 Housing Market Outlook

2024 Housing Market Outlook

Explore the latest trends in Canada’s housing market, covering new homes, resales and rentals. Gain insights on affordability, supply and other key issues in Canada’s census metropolitan areas. Dive into forecasts for major markets and localized insights to make informed housing decisions.

Calgary Highlights

– Increase in housing starts: Growth in total housing starts is expected, driven by robust demand fundamentals such as population growth and household income levels.

– Continued development of multi-unit homes: Developers are projected to initiate further construction on multi-unit homes due to low vacancy rates and increasing demand for these types of dwellings.

– Resale market activity forecast: The forecast indicates an upward trend in resale market activity with modest price gains, supported by low inventories that are maintaining sellers’ market conditions.

– Tighter rental market conditions: Further tightening of rental market conditions as lower vacancy rates exert upward pressure on average rent throughout the forecast period.

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