The Importance of Application Forms – Offer to Lease

The Importance of Application Forms – Offer to Lease

Once the landlord has found a prospective tenant, the landlord can make an Offer to Lease.

The RTA does not govern Offers to Lease per se. An Offer to Lease is a recommended practice for landlords. It can be signed immediately, while still allowing the landlord time to check the prospective tenant’s references before the tenancy takes effect. If the landlord approves the tenant’s application, the prospective tenant is bound by the terms of the offer.

Much of the information in the Offer to Lease is transposed to the Residential Tenancy agreement (the formal lease). If no formal lease is completed and signed, then it is the agreement.

The Offer to Lease should contain a statement whereby the tenant authorizes the landlord to verify the tenant’s credit. This statement should be in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and it must indicate how this information will be used.

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